Over Easy App Concept

A breakfast centered food delivery service mobile application concept that is used for the purpose of a branding exercise.



My brand personality traits are: approachable, coherent, adaptable, cooperative, calm, helpful, capable and light. Over Easy Breakfast Delivery Service is an app that people can download, solely for breakfast products and cuisines to be delivered to them at any hour of the day. 


I want my users to have a light feeling and the urge to click on the app-- to have nothing but simplicity and ease when using this application and ordering their food. Breakfast gives off the feeling of calmness and initial joy of seeing food in the morning and that is what I want my users to feel upon seeing my mark and using the app.


Some of my competitors are other food applications such as Doordash, GrubHub, UberEats, and PostMates. The strengths of all of them are the bold colors that encourage the user to pay attention. Each of the brands are similar in that they all have food delivery services, but are different in which restaurants are affiliated with them. Almost all the app interfaces are the same, with different categories of food, restaurants listed and order/checkout menus. 


What makes Over Easy different is the fact that we concentrate on one type of food area: breakfast. With different cultures, variations and restaurants-- Over Easy can deliver it all, any time of the day (for as long as that particular restaurant is open!) Our app interface differentiates with the fact that it opens up a bright, minimalist and simple interface. Easy to use, Over Easy will have the different cuisines, and restaurants lined up according to distance from where you are. 


Name of typeface: Comfortaa

My type choice was the google font, “Comfortaa.” I chose this font, because the rounded style

fits the brand style that Over Easy has. It is light, smooth, friendly and on-the-go. The curvature

and thickness of each letter portrays the kind of playful mood that this app will give off to its users.




0123456789 !@#$%^&*()_+,./;’[]\


Bright, playful, light and friendly -- that is the kind of vibe that Over Easy brings to its users. I wanted a vibrant yet minimal and pale color palette to produce not only an anticipating feeling from my users, but also a sense of calmness and balance. 


I chose the blue to be the background of one of the identities, to show urgency of being on the go, as well as an off white for the egg white to provide balance and the orange for a more vibrant yolk.

Pantone # 3245 C

(C/M/Y/K) #66CCCC

R: 102

G: 204

B: 204

Pantone # 124 C

(C/M/Y/K) # FBA919


R: 251

G: 169

B: 25

Pantone # 656 C

(C/M/Y/K) # F7FBF4


R: 247

G: 251

B: 244

Pantone # 100 C

(C/M/Y/K) # FEEF7B


R: 254

G: 239

B: 123

Identity: Primary Mark

I chose the running_egg as my primary mark, because it fulfills the overall feeling I want my users to have when initially seeing it. The running egg symbolizes the “on-the-go” sensation in a modern twist. Rather than a goo-ey egg, I wanted this design to have more control over its shape. The control shows that this company is on top of the orders, and will be delivered in a timely manner. 


This mark is more useful to show that my company is friendly, vibrant, light, straight to the point, easy to use, and quick to receive their orders.

In Color

Black & White


01 Business Cards



02 Window Sticker

I chose this deliverable because I wanted to see how the Over Easy sticker would look on a restaurant front. Similar to seeing other food app stickers on restaurants who are affiliated with them, I wanted to create the running egg logo as a sticker as well. 

High Fidelity Flow

This is the Over Easy App Process. I chose to create this deliverable, because the whole premise of my project and brand is a breakfast delivery app. I wanted to briefly show how a user would navigate around the Over Easy App.


Again, Over Easy is a breakfast delivery service that is run through a mobile application service. 

I chose to design it this way because I wanted a more minimalist view on my app. I wanted something easy and straight to the point. Over Easy is light, friendly and easy to navigate!


Overall, OverEasy was one of my favorite projects to do. Though it was centralized around branding, given more time, I would conduct a whole project including User Research, testing and prototype. Eggs are my favorite anything- whether it be food, design or life motto. I believe that it is one of the things that defines me because of the flow, roundness and boldness that I like to portray on myself. 

Choosing out bright, light and playful colors, typography and design overall brought me that sense of calmness as well. 

Onward to the next project

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