Lookwide Mobile App Redesign

A voice social networking app where users are able to record knowledge, thoughts and stories in short audio and broadcast it to the world.

UX Research, UI

Understanding Lookwide

Lookwide is a social media platform that uses voice recording to talk to other users. The purpose of this app is to create a medium that allows micro-podcasting features like sharing knowledge and stories whilst conversing with others throughout the app to create a sense of community. 

As of December 2018, Lookwide rebranded itself to Chirp. 


As our society evolves, more and more students and young adults are using social media. It is what skyrockets the usage of most mediums. In order to create a successful app, it has to appeal to a variety of users. Per evaluation and research, the Lookwide app seems to be missing a younger demographic of users. This redesign focuses on improving the content format of the Lookwide mobile application to appeal to the target audience of university students.



To improve the content format with the purpose of making the product appeal to the target audience of university students by adding or taking away app features and integrating our own ideas.


We were to critique, study and improve the application within a strict deadline of 7 days.


Project Plan

Research & Observe

Question & Collaborate

Sketch & Design

Initial Observations

We were given extensive research on the user demographics of the Lookwide App to help further analyze what pain points to look at. As for 2018, the majority of the user base was middle aged adults in the USA. I also downloaded the app to take note of the problem areas that I felt were within the application itself. 

User Demographics





















Rest of the World

Problem Areas within Lookwide

No sense of collaboration or social media features

Limited amount of younger generation (problem statement) + Users as a whole

Unorganized layout and flow/ repetitive features

Best Practices & Inspirations

Because Lookwide is a micro-podcasting and social media application, I took a look at other podcasting and social media applications. I compared each of the applications and pinpointed the strong points that Lookwide did not obtain.

Radio Public

  • Short and Sweet

  • Easy to use

  • Simple application interface/organized layout

  • Has short shows, etc. 

  • Variety of genres


  • Different stations

  • Suggestions/collections

  • Organized full shows

  • Layout is organized


  • Variety of things to listen to

  • Genres & Playlists

  • Organized episodes within each collection

  • Full shows 

  • Includes Music


  • Social Media Platform

  • Organized layout

  • Photo Sharing

  • Photo posting

  • Replies and Comments for collaboration

  • Has a purpose to each post

User Studies & Testing

To ensure that the redesign would pertain to its target audience of a younger demographic, I decided to conduct two user interviews with two young adults who enjoy listening to podcasts. The questions I asked were centralized around the reasons they liked certain podcasting applications over another. After I asked them questions over their opinion, I had them open up Lookwide and had them look around, given specific tasks.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.12.37 AM.png

Catherine Cho

Age: 19

Year: College Sophomore

Location: River Forest, IL
Tech Savvy: 5/5


1. What apps do you gravitate towards and why?

I like Facebook because I'm able to share photos and posts without photos which is pretty straightforward.

2. Do you listen to any podcasting apps or voice sharing apps?

I do! My favorite is ABG and I listen to it on Spotify because its already a music app so I have both when I feel like it.

3. What makes this app different from other podcast apps that you use?

Honestly, I don't know what to pay attention to because the first thing I see is just following people and then I have to scroll down to listen to people's posts.

4. Do you like this app? Why?

I like the vibrant colors! But I wouldn't use this to talk to friends or listen to podcasts. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.12.42 AM.png

Allyson Nguyen

Age: 21

Year: College Junior

Location: Chicago, IL

Tech Savvy: 4.5/5


1. What apps do you gravitate towards and why?

I like Twitter because there's a lot of memes and funny posts!

2. Do you listen to any podcasting apps or voice sharing apps?

I don't usually listen to podcasts. But I do use iMessage's voice notes to record and send stuff to friends.

3. What makes this app different from other podcast apps that you use?

There's a lot of words...I don't know but I'm pretty sure podcasting apps just focus on the podcast itself? 

4. Do you like this app? Why?

No. I don't know where to find what I need to find, like all the posts are out of order. 


Based on the initial observations, application comparisons, user interviews and testing, I chose four features within Lookwide to focus my redesign on: 

Provide a more organized layout

Encouragement to users to post through organization

Provide necessary and relatable content imagery

Provide a collaboration aspect to enhance social media

Implemented Solutions


Overall, I think the reason why Lookwide seems to attract an older generation, is due to the layout and the way everything is set up, as well as the social media sharing aspect. There should be a means of communication between the users to make it a social media platform. Users tend to decide whether or not they like the app in seconds, by what they see on the landing page. In this case, the top portion of the home page should capture the user’s interest to want to scroll more, and to want to keep exploring the rest of the app.


Next time, I would conduct more user studies as well as develop a storyboard for each scenario for a more thorough redesign. 

Onward to the next project

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